Why I started my own business. Here is my story.

Dear Audience,

Christopher Levario starts as a freelancer while attending The Art Institute of Dallas, graduating Class of 2011 wth a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. When a 25 year old hardworking family man shows up to school with a full time job, paying for my own full-time education, getting paired up with kids with no work ethic, it quickly gives me a glimpse of what is to come in life. My freelance career quickly turns into a freelance music video director who shoots over 300 music videos in a span of 6 years to stay afloat financially. This was my reality, a reality where hard work was a MUST to get by, a reality that demands execution to keep these local artists happy, which turns into more business down the road.

After exiting college, I began my journey as an intern for a some of the biggest production houses in the metroplex. I see bad habits, people too comfortable, bad customer service, bad contracts written to get the client in a bind, workplace drama, off days continuously, slow responses to client issues, no responses to client issues, creative people using their expertise to bully the client because “they know nothing about film.”

Eventually, I see the same clients quickly tapping me on the shoulder to fix issues, to give advice, I become the go to guy instead of the staff members closing the deals. It was the blessing I needed to reassure my vision.

Regardless of the situation , I know what hard work looks like, and it doesn’t exist in the production houses I worked for. If I provide a good service, with integrity, that will charge a customer after the work is delivered, it will keep us accountable, and keep you happy. The hard work will push the envelope forward, and hard work always prevails in life. OUR CLIENTS DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT OUR WORK ETHIC! This is the same work ethic that will be provided to your company or product. CLP doesn’t want to be a vendor, CLP is a staff member for your company, the only vendor we want to be is a vendor that continues to exceed expectations on a monthly basis.

This is Chris Levario Productions, now CLP LLC. If you cannot agree with my principles in business, then my services will not work for you, however, if you see the value in what we are proposing, then you will receive multiple times your money’s worth.

I do want to personally thank Alex Fender of Funnel Science Internet Marketing, this gentlemen took a chance on a young filmmaker, and taught me the basics of Internet Marketing. This was the first time I saw a business man striking deals, executing tasks, teaching, showing up early, leaving late, doing service work, and being a great example of how to start a small business.

In Service,

Christopher Levario

Nancy’s journey to live the Ultimate Life

Last month we were blessed to meet Nancy Wooten, otherwise known as Fabulous Nancy, courtesy of Ultimate Bariatrics, a company based out of DFW which specializes in Bariatric procedures to help you lose weight, better your health, and live the Ultimate Life. Watch this video about her journey. If you are interested in living your Ultimate Life, call the Ultimate Bariatrics office at 817-783-4395 to discuss the most appropriate Bariatric Procedure for your needs.

Tell a story about your favorite customer through video.

Good day to all my digital friends.  Have you ever thought about having a video that sits atop your website, and introduces you before your audience scrolls through. This builds initial trust factor.  We may have a package that will work for you. This video is about Fleet Trax, a business who specializes in GPS Fleet Trackers and Fleet Tracking Solutions for all GPS Fleet management needs. The video talks about one of their proud clients, Milestone, if you are from the DFW area, you see the trucks, and the TV commercials. We may have a package that will work for you. Feel free to contact us directly at (817) 948-7409, or by email at [email protected]

A day on Lake Texoma with North Texas Marine

We were more than thrilled to get on Lake Texoma as North Texas Marine in Gainesville and their proud customers brought out their toys on Lake Texoma. The models in this video include

Four Winns H260

Glastron GT 225

Blue Wave Pure Bay 2400

South Bay 525 RS ARCH


Crevalle Open 26

Starcraft 1915 LTD OB

Visit North Texas Marine in Gainesville or Fort Worth to view these models in stock today.

Classic Lawton Chevrolet new ads airing February 2018

Let’s take another beautiful ride to Lawton / Fort Sill and her immense beauty. CLP LLC teamed up with the one and only Classic Chevy Nation to film their new spots “Chat on the Street,” and “Dependability.”

Chat on the street



Looking for a brand new Chevy and from the OKC to Wichita Falls area, visit Classic Lawton Chevrolet located at  8308 NW Cache Rd, Lawton, OK 73505 or online 24/7 at