The Social Wave- $500 per shoot/ 3-shoot commitment/ $1500 total

Purchase the Social Wave now for $500 per shoot based on a 3-Shoot commitment. By purchasing, you contractually abide to a 3-Shoot Commitment for a total of $1500. (1) shoot equals 2-hours of production as to film or facebook live.


1. 2 hour shoot begins upon arrival/setup: 1 cinematographer setup is 15 minutes. Estimated total production time is 1.75 hours. Client is not allowed to go past 2.25 hours in total cinematographer time. Total time = arrival to end final shot take.

2. Client is allowed to broadcast via Facebook live or receive their video footage via dropbox link. Due to size of 4k footage. Video files will be compressed for efficient delivery. 48 hour turnaround for delivery.

3. Out of area fee is $150 per 100 miles. Any extra charge outside of $1500 flat rate will be billed via invoice. CLP reserves the right to hold delivery footage is criteria is not met.

4.  One video specialist is allowed for the 3-shoot commitment only. Extra labor is billed at 100/hr. CLP LLC may request a credit card on file if any charges appear to  charges to be charged immediately after shoot. Any extra charge outside of $1500 flat rate will be billed via invoice. to be paid by CC. Failure to provide payment will result in  $100 late fee and download link for footage is withheld. 3 shoot commitment shall never exceed a 60-day billing cycle from first production being day 1 to last production date not to exceed day 60. 

5. Extra lighting is billed at $150 per 2-hour shoot.  Payment of $150 gives the client an extra hour setup before 2-hour production totaling 3 hours. Any extra charge outside of $1500 flat rate will be billed via invoice to be paid immediately via CC. CLP may request CC on file if certain criteria is not met.

6. 3-shoot commitment will total $1500. This total does not include any editing outside of Facebook live.  As a reward to our customers. A footage download link will be provided with compressed footage for quick digital delivery. Please note that full quality files may not be editable depending on customers editing system. In the event client requests full quality footage, a hard drive must be provided by client to specified address. Failure to provide hard drive will result in hard drive purchase to CC on file, in addition to a $50 delivery fee. Out of area fee is $150 per 100 miles. Editing fee is negotiable but is not guaranteed. Client will receive video files if shoot is finished. No exceptions.  Payments will be made via Stripe or PayPal account on , or manually with CC authorization form upon signature and delivery to [email protected] 

7. Client has the option to receive up to 2 hours of footage or broadcast via Facebook live, or both if done efficiently. CLP recommends production block be split 50%/ production 50% playback. In the event we cannot re-broadcast within 2 hour block, extra hour fee is $100/hr and CC on file will be billed immediately. CLP LLC will give an email notice upon extra charge.

8. Video production package will include:

  1. Cinematographer with Sony A7r2 with lens kit
  2. Facebook livestream rig
  3. Up to 2 wireless lav mics
  4. Tripod
  5. Mixer only for stationery setups

(1)  Dropbox folder link to download compressed footage (2-3 day turnaround) up to 7 days in high demand season.

9. Payment of $1500 if required through to book the first shoot of the Social Wave package. Based on a 60-day shooting cycle. 3-Shoot commitment is based on 60 days production schedule.

*By purchasing this 3-shoot commitment, client agrees to pay a balance of $1500 for (3) 2-hour productions. Client understands that 3 productions will result in a minimum of $1500, on a 60-day production schedule, but may possibly result in extra costs due to out of area fees, lighting, late fees, extended production, editing for purchase, or any other costs that may result with video production. CLP LLC will advise via email or phone if extra costs are present. Editing fees and rates are negotiable. CLP LLC reserves the right to deny editing. Any $500 cost for production will result in files delivered for that production. CLP LLC is a company based out of DFW with integrity and reserves the right to terminate elements of production if any (1) factor listed above is not adhered to.



Total: $1500.00

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