Our Services

Video Production

A video is worth a thousand words, and our award-winning videography service can produce a professional television advertisements or commercials to grab attention. We have a full-service indoor production studio in Springtown, TX or outdoors for Truck commercials in Jacksboro, TX. Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about video and understand the power of this medium. We use the latest technology and equipment to produce high-quality video that tells a story and engages viewers. Our video quality is superb with only one mission: Leveling up your message to your audience.

Content Creation

Why take 30 hours to produce one advertisement and waste effort when you can have fresh content everyday that engages on Google My Business, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Rumble, Reddit, LinkedIn, and more. Our content is highly aggressive and will give you hundreds, even thousands of content per year... we like to call it " bait." Find out what we can do for your business, product, dealership, name, message, audience, and of course- your customers. 

Distribution Mangement

After the production and on-site work, where will the content go? That's easy... Everywhere. Using scheduling and streamline processes, our team ensures Level 0 (easy ) to 10 (advanced) content hits all channels daily per your request. 


Photography is so important and is an easy way to broadcast the culture of your company or product. Along with video production, daily content, consulting and more.... Photography is an easy way to edit daily content into your social media platforms. 


 20 minutes west of Fort Worth, TX with a 2400 square ft. facility with Infinity Cove. The possibilities are endless at CLP STUDIOS . Show up and batch your content. We can build sets or get you ready for multi-camera shoots. Call (817) 948-7409 for more info. 


 1-hr west of Fort Worth in Jacksboro, TX is our newest 26-acre lot that is great for outdoor wilderness shoots. This space specializes in Truck Commercials with a country feel. Bring your hiking boots, lodge in a tiny home or camp outdoors with ATV's, Hunting, Fishing, etc. This space will eventually be our movie lot. 

Consulting/ Education

Not every client is ready to hit the ground running... No problem. We can show you what you can achieve with your own effort in your own business. If you don' t want full production or daily content, our consultants can give you major tips for success.